Types Of Water Ionised Offers Different Types of Water

Water is an inevitable part of our daily lives. This colourless liquid is used everyday for one activity or the other. Both residential homes and commercial centers make use of a substantial amount of water every day.

Going by statistics, the average Brit consumes up to 141 liters of water every day. So if you live in a home with 5 persons, your entire household would consume approximately 705 liters of water daily. That would give a total of 21,150 liters of water monthly and 253,800 liters of water yearly.

These figures show just how important water is to us. From bathing to cooking, gardening, drinking, washing, and many more activities, you will find that humans are inherently reliant on water.

Ionised Water technology is providing a sustainable solution to meet all your water needs. Of course, Ionised Water is not just for drinking. This 100% pure, delicious water is made available in different forms to cater to all your water needs.

Types of Ionised Water and Uses


Ionised Drinking Water

Ioniseddrinking water boasts zero contaminants. It is created just to give you a healthy nourishing delicious water. Enriched with hydrogen and electrolytically reduced, you can count on Ionised Drinking Water to keep you and your family nourished and healthy. You can use this type of Ionised Water for food preparation, drinking, and gardening.


Ionised Beauty Water

If you truly care for your skin, you would waste no time to get your share of Ionised Beauty Water. The type of water you use to wash your body is an important part of your skincare routine. You do not want to introduce contaminants into your system.

Ionised Beauty Water is a great choice for washing off makeup, bathing, skincare routine, pet care, and hair care.

The slightly acidic nature also makes it perfect for preserving frozen foods and removing stains from floors.


Ionised Clean Water

With a neutral pH of 7, you can trust Ionised Clean Water for your baby’s food preparation and taking medications. The neutral pH makes it easy for the body to absorb it. And this is what you need when preparing your baby’s food or taking medications.


Perfect for Many Uses

Ionised Water was designed with longevity in mind. The producers definitely understand the difficulty of staying green when all your water options are not eco-friendly. So, they made the perfect solution for every use.


Ionised Strong Water

Designed to help you clean effectively, Ionised Strong Water is your best bet for a sparkling clean home. This type of Ionised Water solution comes with a strong alkaline rating – pH 11. It is not good for drinking or bathing. Reserved specially for stain removal.

Ionised Strong Water is perfect for cleaning your home, dishes, and raw foods like vegetables. It is also handy in cleaning stains both in the kitchen and other rooms.

Why Ionised Water?

The water you use to prepare your foods is just as important – if not more important – than the food items. As you pay attention to the type of food items you purchase and the method of preparing your meals, you should also pay close attention to the water you use in the kitchen.

It is a well established fact that tap water is the unsafest form of water. Yet, many households rely on this unhealthy choice for cooking and other kitchen activities.

Fortunately, Ionised Water provides a safer and healthier option for all your kitchen needs.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

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