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I bet you already know the importance of water for the basic functioning of the body. If yes, then you also know the role water plays in our day-to-day lives. But the question is where does your water come from? Is your water truly safe?

Water is important. No doubt. However, clean and healthy water is more important.

Don’t say it is just water. You should care about the source of the water. Whether it is for drinking, gardening, bathing, food preparation, cleaning, medication, or whatnot, the water you use ultimately affects you.

The water finds its way into your body one way or the other, transferring contaminants into your body system. These contaminants are causative agents for a number of illnesses. They ultimately overwhelm your immune system. Causing you to fall ill every now and then.

Conventional tap water and bottled water contain a plethora of contaminants. While some of these contaminants are not readily visible to the naked eyes, they pose many health hazards to you and your family.

The traditional tap water that we know too well may seem like the status quo, however, it contains the most contaminants. Unfortunately, many people still rely on this source.

Bottled water is considered a better option. People around the globe believe in the erroneous thinking that bottled water is better and healthier compared to tap water. This is untrue.

Bottled water is no different from your regular tap water. True, bottled water companies advertise that the water is treated, research shows that the only difference is a few added minerals and nothing else.

Knowing all the facts, it is obvious bottled water is doing you no good. It is time to switch to an actual healthier option – Ionised Water.

Going Green: How Ionised Water Stands Out From the Crowd?

As an eco-warrior, it can get really difficult to get toxin-free, chemical-free water. A lot of soul-wrenching statistics point to the ugly fact wrapped in beautifully-designed bottled water. The stats even get scarier with regular municipal tap water.

So, what is the safe option to turn to? You guessed it, Ionised Water.



Totally Toxin Free

Do you know your regular tap water and bottled water contains thousands of invisible toxins? With your naked eyes, you might not see them but much research supports this fact.

In a bid to escape the danger of introducing these toxins to their body, most people turn to bottled water. Alas, this is basically drinking from your tap. Only this time with some added chemicals. Now, include the toxins that leak from the plastic bottles. Do you still consider bottled water safe?

If you truly desire a safe option, switch to Ionised Water. 100% toxin free!


Nutrients Still Intact

Bottled water companies do the most. In an attempt to rid the collected tap water of its toxins and germs, they add different chemicals that eventually kill off the natural antioxidants and nutrients in the water.

With Ionised Water, you get the right nutrient with zero toxins or chemicals.


No Hidden Chemicals

Ionised Water does not rely on chemicals. Even the strong water for cleaning and disinfecting is totally free of chemicals.


Perfect for Many Uses

Ionised Water was designed with longevity in mind. The producers definitely understand the difficulty of staying green when all your water options are not eco-friendly. So, they made the perfect solution for every use.


Leaves No Plastic bottles Behind

How do you preserve the earth by littering it with trillions of plastics year on year? Bottled water containers may look sleek and pretty, their long term effect on the planet is the total opposite. For each bottled water you drink, the planet will most likely suffer for the next thousands of years. For each container that makes it into the oceans or seas, you will be responsible for killing millions of aquatic lives over the years.

Why Ionised Water?

The water you use to prepare your foods is just as important – if not more important – than the food items. As you pay attention to the type of food items you purchase and the method of preparing your meals, you should also pay close attention to the water you use in the kitchen.

It is a well established fact that tap water is the unsafest form of water. Yet, many households rely on this unhealthy choice for cooking and other kitchen activities.

Fortunately, Ionised Water provides a safer and healthier option for all your kitchen needs.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

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