Green Garder Create Green Garden
with Ionised Water

Do you own a garden? Great! As insignificant as it may seem, owning a garden is a great way to preserve the planet. Not only are you able to grow your own produce without chemicals, but you are also helping to rid the atmosphere of carbon dioxide as these planets take up the carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.

As beautiful as gardening is, you could be destroying the planet unknowingly. It is not enough to secure a small space in your home for a garden, thoughts and efforts should go into maintaining the garden and the materials you use to maintain the garden.

Like your home and body which needs clean and healthy water to function properly, your garden also requires clean and healthy water to grow properly.

Why Ionised Water?

Wellness – Sustainability – Zero-Waste Living

Why You Should Own a Garden?

Not sure why you need a garden? Let’s show you why!

1. Promotes Green Living
Gardening is an indisputable means of bolstering eco-friendly living – for many reasons!First, owning your own garden means you get to rely less on these big manufacturing companies that turn to chemicals due to the increasing demand for food. Ultimately, this means that there will be less chemical in our environment.Second, with deforestation leading the news nowadays, the planet will definitely thank you for planting something. These plants cleanse the air by taking up the carbon dioxide and releasing pure oxygen fit for humans. Another primary way gardening saves the planet is through composting. The average household generates more wastes than we can recycle. Instead of disposing of the wastes in landfills, you can turn them into compost to make compost manure for your garden. Less waste for the planet. Go, warrior!

2. Serves as a Rewarding Hobby
Are you looking for a truly rewarding hobby? You cannot go wrong with gardening. Old and young alike will find this hobby truly rewarding and reviving. Strengthen your connection with mother earth!

3. Cleaner Food for You
Food produced in commercial companies is usually processed or made with chemicals for quick profits. This type of food is unhealthy and should be avoided as much as possible. By creating your own garden, you are one step close to gaining access to cleaner food.

How Ionised Water Promotes Green Gardening?

It is widely known that plants need water to grow. Water is essential for proper growth to ensure the plants reach their optimum capability. From germination to flower production and seedling, the water you feed your garden determines how well the plant grows. To the layman, every type of water is perfect. After all, you are dealing with plants, not humans. This is totally wrong.

Different plants require different water types for optimum growth. Some plants require alkaline water (within the pH range of 7.5 to 8.5).

While others require a slightly acidic soil for proper growth. Say any pH between 4 to 6. In the same vein, there are plants that flourish in neutral pH (7.0). Vegetables are a good example of this category.

Ultimately, you can see that water preference varies with plants. Ionised Water offers a one-stop solution for all plants. The Water system is designed to serve different water types – alkaline, neutral, and acidic. Thus providing you with safe water for all plants.

Let’s help you create a greener garden with Ionised Water!

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