Green Home Create a Greener Home
with Alkaline Ionised Water

How to use Ionised Water to achieve a more sustainable home?

Can you describe your home as 100% green? From your kitchen to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, basement, and even the garden and exteriors, your home should be designed and equipped with materials that do not pose a threat to the planet and its inhabitants.

sustainable home is a must-have if you truly care about the environment. A green home is one free from noxious chemicals and other not so eco-friendly materials.

Your home should be your fortress of solitude. It should provide support, refuge, and comfort. If you do not feel the safest and most comfortable at home, then it is time to change things up because your home ought to serve as your safe haven at all times.

Why Ionised Water?

Wellness – Sustainability – Zero-Waste Living

Creating a true safe haven with Ionised Water!

To make your home a true safe haven, you have to arm it with all the relevant materials it requires to transform into 100% Green.

From your cleaning materials to your cooking utensils, laundry materials, and even the water and soap used in dishwashing, you should totally switch to environmentally-friendly options that are recyclable, energy-efficient, and sustainable.

Green Cleaning with Ionised Water

Nowadays, keeping our home clean is a widely-accepted routine. However, what many fail to understand is that they end up polluting their homes in a bid to rid them of germs, bacteria, dirt, and stains.

Why clean if you end up polluting your home at the end of the day? Remember you spend most of your waking hours in your home. It ought to be completely safe and clean at all times.

Cleaning is a regular routine that cuts across different parts of your home. The good news is, no matter what part of the home it is or the type of cleaning required, Ionised Water is your best bet for Green Cleaning.

General Cleaning: Ionised Water comes in handy when you need to completely rid your home of noxious chemicals and other pollutants. Ionised strong water is designed specifically for cleaning. It is perfect for both regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Laundry: Tidied laundry is a compulsory part of a clean home. This is why Ionised Water comes with a water option perfect for laundry. All you need is a homemade cleaning product and Ionised alkaline water.

Doing the Dishes: Do you know you can do your dish the green way whether you use a dishwasher or do the dishes by hand? With Ionised Water, you can!

Disinfection: We understand how important it is to disinfect from time to time. Which is why we are glad to announce that Ionised acidic water is the perfect way to disinfect your home without leaving behind harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Cooking: Of course, you need good cooking water in your green kitchen. Ionised Water is not only perfect for drinking, washing, and disinfection. It is also perfect as cooking water. This ensures that no contaminant is introduced to your food from the cooking process.

Let’s help you create a greener home with Ionised Water!

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